Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hey, I'm a Liebster

“I’m Late. I’m Late for a Very Important Date” is a song lyric from Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” (1951).

It’s also my excuse for being tardy in acknowledging that, last week, I was given a Liebster Blog from fellow blogger Caftan Woman.

Not really late, but I was on vacation part of last week and part of this week and didn’t log onto a computer except to check work e-mail.

All of this Liebstering between the classic movie blogging community went on last week so here I am several days late and I may be the last one to do so. (This will teach me to log on more frequently while on vacation).

In my defense, though, I wasn’t around the house much and even didn’t get in as much movie watching (aka TCM catch up) as I planned to when I began the vacation.

So I was unaware until the other day that I had received this very nice Liebster (which sounds like something S.Z. Sakall would call Joan Leslie or Doris Day) and it is now my duty - no pleasure - to present the Liebster to five other classic movie bloggers whose work I enjoy.

It was very difficult to pick only five as there are many, many bloggers whose blogs I read. I went back and forth on many of these and finally decided on these five. I could have easily done 15 or 20 more.

I think some of these sites already received a Liebster but they’re all sites I enjoy visiting and ones that no fan of Golden Age Hollywood cinema can afford to miss out on. There’s some fabulous writing and images on these sites.

Classic Film Boy’s Movie Paradise
A pleasure to read, Brian’s site takes a look at classic Hollywood movies in unique and interesting ways, pointing out ideas and themes I would never have thought of on my own.

Jim Lane’s Cinedrome
One of the more current additions to my blog list, and it quickly jumped to the head of the list as one of my favorites. Jim’s site is beautifully illustrated and augmented with lots of fascinating background information. I first discovered Jim’s site when he reviewed Henry Hathaway’s “Prince Valiant” (1954), which is one of my all-time favorite movies.

The Movie Projector
R.D. Finch is one of the best and most astute writers on classic films. I have many character flaws, but jealousy is not one of them, but man, I wish I could write like R.D.

The Lady Eve’s Reel Life
Bright, witty and engaging and just a joy to read.

Classic Becky’s Brain Food
Becky is one of the best friends that classic Hollywood has. Her enthusiasm is infectious.


Caftan Woman said...

"This will teach me to log on more frequently while on vacation."

What a dreadful thought! Computers have no place on a vacation.

R. D. Finch said...

Kevin, thanks for your praise. I'm blushing right now! I'm not familiar with Jim Lane's site, but I'm heading right over to check it out. The others I am familiar with, and they are all excellent choices, sites I admire a great deal for the authors' knowledge of classic films, good taste, and great writing skills.

Kevin Deany said...

R.D.. I'm happy to send my readers to your site. It's a true treasure.

C.W., thank you for your understanding. I don't have a smart phone or a Blackberry, so my computer time is limited to being at home. Since I wasn't at home that much, I couldn't log on. Of course it also meant I couldn't watch any movies and watch those piles of unwatched tapes and DVDs go down.

The Lady Eve said...

Kevin, You are so deserving of your Liebster, congratulations! And I want to thank you so much for including me on your list (with some killer classics bloggers...old and new favorites of my own). Like R.D., I'm blushing right now (and like you, I wish I could write like R.D.).

ClassicBecky said...

Ahh, Kevin, I just heard yesterday that you had put me in your top 5! I am just thrilled and happy that a favorite blogger of mine has paid me such a compliment! Thank you so much.

As for wishing you could write like someone else, please don't. I like the way you do, and if you ever wonder, just remember this hilarious and so true piece of your own writing: ..."Liebster (which sounds like something S.Z. Sakall would call Joan Leslie or Doris Day)" I'm drinking coffee, and had to swallow hard so I could laugh without making a mess!

Classicfilmboy said...

Wow! Thank you for the kind words. And when you're on vacation, you're on vacation. Caftan Woman is right :)